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Feb 22, 2016
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Hey all!
I'm a fairly new photographer who just picked up a cheap Nikon DX2S. I'm taking a trip to the Redwoods in a few weeks, and I've heard it's fairly dark there. I take a lot of nature/landscape photos in the Pacific Northwest and I'm in the market for a lens appropriate for these types of settings. My budget is $300 or less for a lens which I know will really cut down my options, but for now that's what I have. Any lens recommendations? Id like something wider that'll capture what's around me well. Thank you!!
Choose your lens based on the focal length that will give you the images YOU want to take. My style and choice is lens may be complacently different then yours even if we are standing in the same spot.

I would definitely recommend a tripod.
Light is NEVER a limiting factor if you have a tripod and a self timer. The movement of wind and water are all that move in capturing a static scene. Any lens will do the job. Your job is to select the framing of the subject. If I were to choose a perfect lens for landscape photography, it would be a 16-85mm zoom and if I had the money, I would choose a Zeiss or any "G" rated lens that would fit my camera.
How about a used 35mm 1.8g prime? Real nice, sharp lens.Not super wide but it is a prime so use your feet.
Nikon 35mm f/1.8
Well as mentioned previously a lot depends on the sort of pictures you want to take, for me I'm a big fan of my Tamron 17-50 F2.8, I have an older model without a built in focus motor, that might be something worth investigating.

A lot of folks can't use the older lenses that lack the built in focus motor and still have it auto focus as a lot of the more popular bodies for Nikon do not include a focus motor built into the body - The D3xxx series, D5xxxx series for ecample lack this built in focus motor. While newer lenses often have the focus motor built into the lens, the result is these older lenses often sell dirt cheap because not as many Nikons can use them and maintain AF capabilities.

I think I paid $110 for mine, and that included shipping.

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