1. bwc1983

    FS: Avenon 21mm f/2.8 Super Wide Lens Excellent Condition

    This is a used lens and viewfinder in Excellent ++ condition. Barely used. But an excellent lents for super-wide landscapes or urban photography. No fog or separation in the lens. A perfect, unique and fun lens to shoot. $585 shipped. The Avenon 21mm f2.8 has 8 elements in 6 groups, f/stops...
  2. A

    Best 35mm Lens under $70? Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 vs Vivitar 35mm f2.8 (tokina)

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheap (under $70) lens for M42. After searching through the Internet I think my two candidates for purchasing are Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 and Vivitar 35mm f2.8 (tokina). Which one would you prefer and why? If you used only one of them, tell me about it. Are there any...
  3. E

    FS: ZEISS Batis 18mm f/2.8 Lens for Sony E-Mount

    Hi. For sale is my very good condition ZEISS Batis 18mm f/2.8 Lens for Sony E-Mount. There are no visual defects and the lens operates as intended with no mechanical issues. I purchased the lens from B&H Photo on 8/13/2020. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask...
  4. S

    Lens focal lengths - selecting the correct ones

    Hi Everyone. I recently purchased my first DSLR and with it a an 18 - 140mm lens. I really struggle to get my head round focal lengths and what the best ones are for specific situations. Anyone have any tips on what that Lens is best for, and how best to decide what length to use for what photos?
  5. J

    What lens(es) would be best for taking pictures for a dating profile/social media?

    Looking for a lens(es) that can be used to take a mixture of headshot/upper body photos and fully body photos. Feel free to suggest more than one lens if one is better for portrait/upper body photos and a different one is better for full body photos
  6. photoflyer

    Advice using wider lenses

    I finally pulled the trigger on the purchase of a shorter (wider) lens by ordering the Samyang 14mm f2.8 EF (manual focus). Prior to this my shoretest was 24mm on the 24-105. I plan to use it full frame for astro, landscapes and interiors. I know there are several considerations when...
  7. M

    One of my first Macro shots

    One of my first macro shots, Taken with Vivtar Series 1 105mm lens. Any CC welcomed.
  8. rocketcityman

    Amateur Needing Recommendations for EOS R Video+Stills

    [Cross post from the Video section - but I feel like I need a general orientation for Canon here too] Hi Everyone! An amateur here hoping to up his game, so please help me navigate any pitfalls here! I'm about to make a big leap (from my perspective) from an old beginners DSLR (Panasonic G3)...
  9. S

    Cannon AE-1 Lens Comparison Question

    Question: I have been shooting a Cannon AE-1 program with a Cannon FD 1/1.8 since that was the lens it came with. After having a roll developed, I am looking to expand into having another lens to accompany the camera. I am thinking of buying a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 Lens as my next lens. I...
  10. J

    Next lens to get?

    Hi Everyone! I am new to the forum, I came here to get advice on the next lens I should get. I have a Sony A7RII and the sony fe 24-105mm f/4 g oss lens as well as the Rokinon 14mm lens. I mainly do beach photography/landscapes. Trying to step up my photo game by adding a different lens to my...
  11. S

    Dropped my camera, aperture gone? Help please

    My Lens: Cannon EOS-M Hi, I dropped my camera and now everything is dark and blurry, Also there is a ring that i can see in side the lens, it moves a lil when i shake the lens. Also, Nothing happens when i change the aperture. Please help, Is it the aperture thats broken? or loose? Is it...
  12. J

    What converter should I buy for this Spiratone lens?

    So I recently bought an old lens for quite cheap at a thrift store (the specs on the sides say "Spiratone 1:5.6 f=300mm Mirror Lens No.8300968 ø72 Minitel-S Plura-Coat"), and it appears to be built for SLR cameras rather than my Canon Rebel. I've done some research and it appears that a t-ring...
  13. Benalpha30

    Wide Angle Lens Need: Can I kill two birds with one stone?

    I am a wildlife and landscape painter, and my current photography setup is a 7D MarkII and the Canon 100-400 L II- obviously this is great for shooting animals, but the next need I have is a good landscape lens to take reference shots for paintings. I don't need ultra wide angle necessarily...
  14. P

    why does my video web cam on macbook better quality than the dslr lens mount on tripod?

    when filming myself (make me look better) vs a dslr full frame set at 35mm lens mounted on tripod on video mode? which is more of an accurate look? also is this how other see me compare to mirror we look at everyday?
  15. Normanaus

    Advice in choosing lens for night photography

    Hi, I am beginner to photography and very interested in taking night sky photos. I have Sony A6000 camera and considering purchasing a wide-angle lens. From the reviews I read and my financial abilities, I narrowed it down to three choices of Rokinon lenses. Can someone help me with...
  16. P

    Took a pic of this model, what can be improved

    obviously i could cropped out the legs as i was capturing him using AI focus. my lowest aperture was 4.0 on the lens, so that's the best i could do with shallow depth of field. can you critique it, and also give me some pointers for improving this image on software like photoshop? Imgur thanks!
  17. Lee_Lee

    Newbie help

    I am brand new to photography and the style I am most inspired by is that of very old vintage photos. I found a random old photograph on the internet and needed help determining what type of film and camera would be best to take photos that resemble this style/vibe. ( see link )...
  18. Flavio

    Viltrox 85mm 1.8 - Should I buy it?

    Hi everyone! I've been thinking about buying a longer focal length lens (I have the 23mm, 35mm, 18-50mm) to see if I'll like it or not, but I'm not sure if I will regreat it... My main "photo targets" are my kids (1 and 4 year old), my family, street photography, landscapes, all of these has a...
  19. Markw

    Sigma 180mm F/3.5 HSM IF 1:1 Macro for Nikon

    Lens is in almost perfect condition! A small spot of finish loss on the tripod collar, rubbed off by the camera bag. No dust, scratches, or fungus on any of the elements or aperture blades. Comes with both lens caps and Sigma lens bag. Located in Maryland, but am more than happy to ship it...
  20. F

    Tamron 150-600mm f5.0-6.3 G2

    $800.00 I have a Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens with VC canon mount. If you’re interested shoot me a message. Don’t really want to deal with eBay if I don’t have to. Specifications Model A022 Focal Length 150-600mm Maximum Aperture F/5-6.3 Angle of View (diagonal) 16°25' - 4°8' (for full-frame...