Lens hood or not?

Agreed! Use the Hood!
mine has protected my lens from all sorts of bumps and scrapes as I move around or try to get to something just a bit too close!
I should be using lens hoods, but Im not worried all to much about my lenses....I can get an equiveilent one off ebay for less than 50 dollar. (manual focus gear is just that awesome.)

A lens hood will protect your lens from getting hit by a wall (if you turn a corner a bit to close, something that could scratch the front element might nick your hood) or if you drop your camera, the lens hood will hit the ground instead of your front element, greatly reducing the risk of it shatering....etc etc
yup use it! the hoods i mean
Well ... why should I use it? What will it do for me?

I'm not one to answer a question with a question, BUT.... Why not use it?

Like Jaszek said, it will minimize the chance of flaring which is likely to happen if you have stage lights coming at you.

It's not a tough decision. It costs nothing to put it on. It creates no inconvenience.

both - indoor and outdoor you can end up with very little room to move in and then you really need that hood on - because otherwise someones bag, arm, elbow, tree or dirty fingers: DSCF0123 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! are going to get all over your front of your lens glass - then its scratches and cleaning that you don't want!
hehe nope but he did use me as a jumping post at one point - or at least my backpack

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