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Apr 13, 2006
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Yorkshire, England
hi, i'm after a new camera and i've settled on a Nikon d50 cos i'm on a budget, but i was wondering should i get the 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 G ED lens which comes with camera or buy body only and get a 50mm f/1.8 D AF lens.
It's only gonna be used for general picture taking.

thanks Alan
personally, i would get the kit lens first..... i own both, and as much as i'm fond of my 50mm 1.8, i would buy one after i owned at least one zoom lens, it gives you far more options when your out and about. Also if your on a budget you may be stuck with one lens for a while, so one with a zoom capability would be an advantage. Buy them together, then save up for the cheaper 50mm.
I would suggest getting the Nikkor 18-70mm instead of the 18-55mm, if you can come up with a little extra cash.

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