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Jul 27, 2013
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Helena, Arkansas
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​Some time ago, I was given a Sigma 70-300 macro as a gift. The auto focus seemed to "stick" from the start, but as a newborn shutterbug I can work without it for the learning experience. But recently the aperture is "sticking" after I take a shot. You hear the *click* and the viewfinder goes dark, not black, just dark. Everything I've looked up points to an aperture ring and/or arm. Is this an easy fix, or should I take it to a shop? If I have to take it in, would the work cost more than what the lens is worth?
Pretty much impossible to guess; my suggestion would be to take it to a local repair place and aske them for an estimate. It wouldn't surprise me if repairs were cost-prohibitive, BUT, things can often be a simple fix too, as minor as some lubrication....

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