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Jan 2, 2007
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Cali, Colombia
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I feel the eyes are a bit low in the frame and it could have had the hat closer to the top edge. Overall another nice shot, and it looks like you decided to get out of the center of town over the weekend.
This would have been nice as a vertical. That HUGE, near-white blob to the left of her is extremely competitive for attention. Plus, as a horizontal photo of a standing person, her chin is riding low in the frame, as are her eyes...everything pulls "down" in the frame, including her hat's strings. There's just not enough space for her...her placement within the frame is inelegant and awkward because the basic decision on every single shot was not made correctly--you shot a portrait from close range in landscape orientation, and included a huge blob of over-exposed, 255+ blown out stuff that fills the majority of the background on the left hand side of the frame.
Again, if you had taken a couple seconds and had oriented the camera to its "tall" orientation, almost every,single problem this shot suffers from would have been eliminated.
Stunning! I'd cut down on that head room (probably cut down about half the hat actually), but other than that, it's a beautiful photo.
I agree with Derrel. A vertical would have been awesome. Lots of empty space on the left.
Good light. Good focus. Good exposure. Good choice of aperture for appropriate depth of field.

Maybe try a square crop. Eliminate the hot spot to the right and a sliver off the top. Try with her right eye on the third point and adjust to taste.

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