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    So i've been doing live shoots at concerts for around 2 years now. I began by just asking to work for free to build a portfolio, and then moved to photography for free, but charging if the band wanted to use any of the photos. I wasn't looking to make money, just get in free to see my fav. bands at the good venues around Chicago. Now i have a perdiciment. A national act had given me a photography pass to a show a few months ago. I sent them proofs from the show just to look at but not to use without permission. Turns out they liked one of the images in particular and want to use it in a songbook. I've never been published, and am not sure what to do. I know that i just want to license the photograph for the songbook and retain all rights to the image. But as far as charging? This is where i'm a...

    1. The band stands to make a good amount on this songbook as they are an international headlining act.
    2. I have a great working relationship with their management and have photographed 3 live events for the band. This is the first time they would like to use a photo for more than just gallery content on their website.

    I'm worried that they see me as a college kid trying to make some extra cash and it would end the working relationship if i charged too much. I'm not established as a working professional and they probably have a stockpile of other photos to choose from.

    Any ideas? Is it standard to write a contract for the licensing of an image for the purpose of one publication? Do i charge a flat fee for that license? I was thinking somewhere between $200-400. Is that too much? Or is it really low for the industry? All i've been reading is about wedding and portraits, so I don't have any basis for comparison.

    Thanks for any help!!!


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