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Sep 10, 2010
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Monroe, NC, USA
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Hello! I am new here.

I'm looking to buy some lighting. Being a young mother to twins in this horrible economy, I am on a very very limited budget. And I am new to photography, so please excuse my dumb questions!

I was looking at this kit on ebay - Photography Video 3 Light Kit Flash Continuous Backdrop - eBay (item 320585001283 end time Sep-09-10 12:04:07 PDT)

I am starting newborn/infant photography. Would this be what I am looking for? I just want a beginners set to get me started, so I don't have to do all my shoots outside! Does that come with everything I'd need? Do you think it's a good deal?

Thank you in advance!
They'll be rubbish girl, you'd be better off with a couple of strobes and follow the others on here with the "strobist blog", I don't know what costs are like there but I can't see you getting much in the way of quality or longevity at $150. H

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