Lightning, Frogs and Meteors, Oh My!

Jeff Colburn

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Aug 6, 2007
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Sedona, AZ
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Wow, what a night. A thunderstorm rolled into my area late Friday night, so I grabbed my gear and headed out the door at midnight.

I went to my first shooting spot; I had already scouted out several locations in the daylight, and was amazed. For the first twenty minutes, almost every photo I took had lightening in it. As the storm moved, so did I. I went from one spot to another following the action. At 1:00 am I wound up in a cemetery, where I could shoot the last of the storm while being serenaded by dozens of frogs.

As I stood in the cemetery I also saw two meteors (shooting stars). One was the usual white streak in the sky, but the other was really amazing. It was an Emerald ball of fire that fell almost straight down. As it fell, pieces of green fire broke off and trailed behind the meteor. From my vantage point, it looked like the meteor burned up just 100 feet away, and 20 feet above the ground. That’s probably not true, but it sure was amazing to watch. What a fantastic night.

Have Fun,

wow that first shot is just amazing, a horizon of city lights and a beautiful light show! :) I love sedona... and arizona has some amazing lightning shows. After living up north Az for so long... i sure do miss the little things the city doesnt have. like clear blue skies, stars and nice lightning ( not to mention the rain)
Good Job on the photos

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