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    I tried googling this (google and I are not friends.. I can never find what I really want..) and didn't get an answer...

    If you have PSE8, do you still have to pay the full price of the lightroom software?

    I saw it for $300, didn't really "look around" to see what I could find it for elsewhere, but I can't afford anything at the moment... but when I can, I still don't want to spend $300 on another photo editing software when I have already spent almost $100 on the one I have...

    Just curious :) Thanks for answers... :)

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    They are separate programs, you have to buy each unless you find a coupon or discount, you'll have to pay full price.

    That being said, Adobe discounts aren't too hard to find. I bought a Wacom tablet for less than $100 and it came with a coupon to save a couple hundred on Photoshop etc. If you are a student, the student discount is very good.

    Don't think of LR as photo editing software...think of it as a workflow solution software.

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