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Derek Zoolander

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Dec 15, 2008
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I've taken a picture in portrait and lightroom automatically flips it so that its right side up, but then it squishes it so that it fits do i fix this? example below:

That's wierd, does it do the same thing with RAW files?

you might have top rotate the images before import if you're shooting jpeg as with RAW it doesn't matter.
Wow, that's weird. I've never seen Lightroom do that before.

It doesn't auto-rotate anything for me (and that option is off in my camera too) - I have to manually rotate whatever needs rotating in the Library module..

The thumbnails next to the one you have selected look normal. Does the same thing happen to them if you click on them?
Wow- I've never seen that before either. My K100D didn't auto-rotate in camera, but my D200 does (such an underrated feature), and I've never seen this with either.

I would start with turning off auto-rotate on your camera if it's an option.
I will try to turn off auto rotate on my camera.

Weird thing is, when I'm in the library, the thumbnail and everything looks fine for a moment and then all the sudden it rotates and distorts when I click on only happens on some of the pictures.

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