Lights Tipper Flash Diffuser for D7000 D90 D300 7D 60D 550D


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May 5, 2011
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Price: $8.00

  • Lights Tipper directs the harsh light from your camera’s build in pop up flash to a ceiling or wall and so it softens shadows, reduces glare – and produces a crisp, well-lit product photo – no professional studio necessary.
  • For those of you who still rely on their DSLR's pop up flashes (like us) when shooting indoors in auto mode, check out this new product. it instantly improves pop up flash photos by directing the harsh light from the cameras tiny flash to a ceiling or (light colored) wall.
  • It will then soften shadows, reduce glare and produce a crisp, well-lit photo.
  • Mirror Type Pop Up Flash Diffuser slips over your Sony and Minolta cameras pop-up flash to give pro-like lighting results.
  • It is the inexpensive answer to natural looking bounce flash and digital photography lighting. (Even professionals like it for casual shooting!)

  • It can be set easily by inserting at hot shoe.
  • The bounced light creates an effectively larger light source.
  • The larger source sends out light from a more natural direction.
  • The auto function of your pop up flash continues to operate normally, so the flash properly exposes the picture.
  • It can be used for Canon/Nikon/Pentax/Olympus
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: Approx. 75mm x 60mm x 110mm
  • Size: 110*95*85 mm

Buy Lights Tipper Flash Diffuser for D7000 D90 D300 7D 60D 550D Here

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