lints in sensor box

I assume the OP is referring to the mirror chamber. If so, then yes, it's easy. Get a good quality blower bulb such as Giottos Rocket (do NOT get one of those horrible little dollar-store things with a brush on the end of the blower tube), remove the lens, hold the camera so that the lens opening is pointed down, and using the blower, carefully blow out the inside of the chamber. The air will not hurt anything, just try and avoid touching anything with the end of the plastic tube.
A photographer is someone who can blow without spitting.
Oh yeah, a mirror chamber. I don't how to explain this. There are several tiny lints got caught in the hinge. I have to use Giottos Rocket close enough to blow off these lints while I lifted the mirrors. Thx guys.
A photographer is someone who can blow without spitting.
Lol! Yes.

Innuendo aside, this does work: Swallow really well from every corner of your mouth until it is dry feeling, then fold your lips over themselves so the air has to travel in a sort of S shape (which catches remaining spit since it travels in mostly straight lines) and blow dust off of things.

I would never do this for a sensor and probably not the mirror, but for junk on a lens that I don't want to scratch with a cloth, yes.

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