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Dec 8, 2011
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the south
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I enjoy doing video as well. I bought a swivi viewfinder that really helps with manually focusing these long lenses. focal distance is 1050mm on most of the small birds, the d800 can use dx crop mode for video to multiply focal distance by 1.5 and not loose any quality. quality seems hard to make look good when exporting through adobe premiere im still trying to find a good output size vs quality compression for youtube.

here is the setup I was using in the backyard, obviously a ball head isn't smooth, I may look into video heads and legs, but they are so expensive for a lens this size. usually when using my monopod and VR, without using the 1.5x crop mode I can get it pretty smooth if I am steady. otherwise locking down a tripod is nice and just using the panning if possible.
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