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    I don't know the technical info because I'm a complete beginner.
    I took this photo with my amateurial digital camera (Kodak cx7430, 4mpixels).

    The photo doesn't appear,so I put the direct link :

    I love this photo,so I would like to read your comments since you are experts.
    Thank you. Horacio

    (You can see more of my work here :

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    thats tiny... i like the relationship with size from fingertips to its whole self, but its too centered. try to practice the rule of 3rds, its not for everything but helps in alot of photos. its basically dividing the frame up into 3 sections (vertically or horizontally) then placing the subject in one of those sections or on a cross roads of the division lines...
    or zoom into the newt so its big in the frame but leave enough room to tell thats a finger its on, maybe on a finger tip or something.
    also the background takes awayfrom it. a solid black would have done or less color and logos...
    thats it. keep working at it.
    and thanks for all the pop ups at your site...

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