Lizard fight!


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Jan 3, 2019
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Corozal, Belize
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I spotted Big Ben across the street but I could see he was carrying something. When I got my binoculars, I was fairly shocked since I've not seen any aggression before. A little chasing now and then but never anything like this. I was especially puzzled since one is so much larger and couldn't imagine the smaller one being a threat.
So I grabbed the camera and got closer.
There really wasn't much action but some of that could have been due to my presence.
I guess Ben released it at some point. When I looked later all I saw was Ben and a few others grazing and there was no dead body.

DSC_9634PS1 16x9_060 - Copy.JPG

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The big Lizard should have picked on one his own size.. :chuncky: Nice shots....
He was just "correcting" him. Nice sequence!
Perhaps just a little parental coaxing? “ Your mom and I think it’s time you got your own place, Junior “.
Awesome colors on the lizard.
Has anyone noticed the splotch of blue paint? He must have bumped into the house nearby that is being painted. And he must be shedding, that splotch was much bigger at first.

It was MURDER!! Lizard MURDER!!!
Here we see the local coroner investigating the crime scene.

DSC_9786PS1 16x9_061 - Copy.JPG

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