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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by FemFugler, Jul 10, 2010.

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    So i live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. Tonight i heard sirens,which you hear them every now and then around my neighborhood but its not really a common occurrence like you would hear if you were right in the city, so as i listen they're getting louder and louder. My first thought was 'oh no my neighbor had a heart attack again'. BUT after like 5 minutes with the sirens still on im thinking 'wtf why is this guy leaving his sirens on' so i go out and look and see whats happening and (thankfully) it's not my neighbor but, can you guess you what? Seriously, only in my neighborhood. It was a BEAR!

    This is why i hate it when new people move on to my street and around the neighborhood because they're not(usually) familiar with the area and they see a bear and freak and make stories so the cops jump. Some woman claimed the bear chases her. wtf? Black bears don't do that. I have come close to bears so many times and they have never ever chased me(not intentionally). They are not grizzlies! They usually take off in the OPPOSITE direction when they see you.

    I remember when i was a kid and they'd ALWAYS be in our yard. No one called the cops. People were SMART back then. They avoided us, we avoided them. it's honestly that hard. If worst comes to worst make some loud noises and that will do the trick.

    These moronic cops were cruising down the street at 10:30 at night(and there are lots of little kids in my neighborhood so chances are many of them were probably in bed and trying to sleep!) with their sirens on. So i go out on the front deck and it cuts through my front lawn and driveway and on to my neighbors front lawn and hides in the bushes or something. Then the cops drive past looking for it and go up the street and the bear comes out of the bushes and follows the cops. LOL it's almost as if the bear was mocking them or playing with them. lmao like 'haha im behind you try and get me suckers' so then the cops spot it again and it takes off in to the bushes ahead. Then the cops give up and decide to call it a night and go back.

    At this point a bunch of the neighbors are on the street because honestly we could care less. We're used to it and we just wanted to make sure they didn't shoot the poor thing. So then the cops comes down to warn us (pretty sure we knew more about this situation than the cop!) and the cop is all like 'ya when bears get into garbage thats when they're aggressive and balblabla' umm no. This happens every year: Bears come down. Morons leave the garbage out. Bear gets into garbage drags it around and makes a mess and what not. Neighbors ••••• and fuss and complain. End of season, bears go into hibernation. Would you like to play again next year? They still take off when they see you.

    Honestly if they're with cubs then they can be a little aggressive, i mean they dont go after(unless you try to go after its babies) you but they sometimes stand their ground a bit but they dont attack you. Bottom line is just ignore it. If they're by them self they usually take off right away, if they're with their babies they may stay a few and make sure they got everyone and so on and then take off. Seriously, there is NO need for cops to come.

    Meanwhile im pretty sure if you get robbed or if you call in and say your in an abusive/violent situation you have to wait an hour. Like seriously.... where are the priorities. I just LOL because it's clearly a slow night for the cops to have TWO cop cars out. LOL

    Oh and if anyone runs into a black bear:

    IGNORE IT, KEEP WALKING! If you feel like it you can make some noise but i mean they'll usually take off once they see you.


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