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It's a very nice shot!!
However, for the composition I would crop down some sky and stay classic on the rule of third, keeping 1/3 of sky only.
Regarding the processing i find the 1st shot more efficient, the contrast works very well for me.
On the 2nd shot, the buildings blend to much with the background, maybe because the dark part of the building have similar tone with the sky. Also the foreground, by being more detailed and because its size on the image, take the attention away from the city, instead of leading to the city. Unless that you want the foreground to be the main point of focus the 2nd image doesn't work for me.

I'm not an expert but hope it can helps. Keep up the good work.
Great shots. Definitely think #1 is the best. #2 feels like it has a haze over it compared to #1 for my taste.
The colors might be a tad bit too saturated for my taste, but nice work nonetheless.

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