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Jan 22, 2013
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I want to do steel wool long exposure pictures, and do it the right way. Last time I did it I was in all of the pictures, how can I make it so I'm not in the pictures and it's just the sparks?
Any other tips would be great. Thanks
Oh and in the images I appear as a ghost. I don't want to be in the pictures at all
I have never done it but the camera is going to record whatever light it can capture so if you are wearing bright colored clothes then the light from the wool will reflect and the sensor on the camera will record it. So for a start I would say wear dark non-reflective clothing.
Dark clothing yes. You could also just move around and not stand in one place. Standing still and spinning it in circles is boring anyway, that's what everyone does.

If you walked in a circle and spun it in a circle (possibly more than one of them), maybe you could get a spark SPHERE! And you moving would make you not show up easily.

Or strap your steel wool to a leaf blower.
View attachment 53560 I'm following up on something I posted a few days ago.
I didn't get the "ghost" effect because I was wearing all black, as someone suggested.
Still crappy quality....... Don't know what is going wrong..
I really like this method, but I think it is overused, and that' s the feeling I have when I see this image. Sorry, not good for me. :(

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