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Feb 12, 2011
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Hey there everyone!

First off, I know my post count is low/no feedback, but I can provide feedback off ebay and other forums. :thumbup:

I am going to keep this brief:

I am looking to purchase individual filters or a set of 72mm or Cokin P series Filters.

In terms of types: Neutral Density (ND), Polarizing (for Cokin, or CPL for the 72's), and various colours (mostly reds) for black and white photos.

Not picky, just not China filters.

I cannot spend that much, and am looking to pay about 7-10$ per filter.

If you have something for me, please PM me.

Thanks! :D
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Pointing out that you're a student to get a discount is pretty lame. Being super picky about the quality of said hand-out is even lamer.
^^^ Yup, saw that coming. Why bother trying, right? Well think of it logically. I can get ebay ones myself (the China ones). The legit/decent ones are all priced out of my price range. I know for a fact that people have the and are willing to sell them for less, they just don't bother to post it. I figured, if they know someone is looking, maybe I can get some help. Ask and you shall receive has always been successful in the past. How would someone know if I am looking for something, especially on the internet, if they don't know I exist?

Why is it lame to point out I am a student? Would it be better to say something like "Rich business owner seeks low priced stuff?" I am saying it how it is. I am unemployed, I am poor, I thought maybe I should point that out as to why someone should maybe help me out.

God forgive me for trying, and for not appealing to the regulars on here...

I am not picky. I just said not Ebay China stuff, which I can pay for since its like.... $3. It just sucks. Not all of us are well off.

PS I clearly stated I am NOT looking for a freebie/handout. I don't know where you got that from. I said I will pay, I just was hoping for a deal.

You know what's super lame? Making fun of someone because they don't have money and aren't able to afford the nice things. Thanks for that. Didn't know photography is only allowed to be done by a certain income bracket.
Well if you're going at it logically, if you have a price point, then just say, I have x amount to spend on this. That is logical. Adding extra details for the purpose of getting pity is manipulative.

I'm not a regular, I just don't like people who try to use their circumstances to get what they want. Because guess what, nearly everyone has crap going on in their lives.

And you know what they say about making assumptions right?
Alrighty. Noted. Ad is now (after I type this message is posted lol) modified for brief "I want this, here is what I can spend" format. :)

Thanks for pointing it out. True, people do have tons of crap going on in their lives! (especially with recessions and whatnot)
PS... I don't think the title will let me change it :( I tried :S
*shrug* a mod might be able to do it, but it probably doesn't matter.

However. Are you shooting film? Because if not, most everything (except for polarizing, I think it is) can be done in post processing, and putting cheap plastic/glass in front of your expensive lens glass is generally not the best idea.
Oh, no these are not for digital. They're for my Bronica ETRS (got a really great deal from a local photographer, and I wanted to try out Medium Format). I want to do some nice Black/White photography, and even though with the Digital its easy (like you said, everything can be touched up in post), I would like the filters for the film :)

Although in Theory....if I use scans, I can just play with it just the same!
Does your school have any you can check out? My school lets us borrow most equipment. <3 medium format!

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