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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Dweller, May 15, 2004.

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    Anyone know of a site that has buyers guides for some of the basic things we need and use?

    I am not looking for anything specific like "guide to teh digital rebel series" but more like "guide to buying a tripod" or "guide to buying a light meter"

    specifically in my case I am looking for more info on tripods in general. What features are available, what I may or may not want to watch for in a tripod.. things like that. I have 2 tripods I inherited and both do the job, but I am wondering what other features some tripods may have that I am missing in these.

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    There has been a thread before covering the tripods, might want to do a search. However, you need to consider the size of camera (35mm, MF, LF) when getting a tripod. No need for an over-kill for a 35mm or dig. SLR by getting a heavy duty tripod. That goes also for the reverse.

    I just got a Bogen Manfrotto 3021Pro that is just a great tool. Voodoo might even help you with a few advices if you beg him properly... :wink:
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    I'm not sure of any web sites. A couple of the photo mags put out annual buyer's guides that will have sections on tripds, meters, photo printers, etc as well as cameras and lenses.

    I bought one when I was researching my first SLR purchase a couple of years ago. It was about this time of year, so if you have access to a good newsstand you might be able to find one.

    You might be able to find reviews on the sites of the various photo mags:

    www.popphoto.com www.photographic.com

    Happy hunting!

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