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May 28, 2007
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Toledo, Ohio
I am looking for a flash for my Canon 30D. I take photos as a hobby, but I have been taking senior portraits this summer for some friends. I need a flash that is relatively cheap, but still gets the job done. It does not need to be loaded with features. Since it would be my first off-camera flash, I probably would not know how to use half of them. I looked at some Bower flashes, but I'm not sure what brand I should go with. Any brand/model suggestions would be suggested. If at all possible (and still get a decent flash) try to stay under $100? Not sure if that's reasonable or not. Thanks in advance
I would suggest holding out for a bit more $$ and getting your hands on a Canon 430EX. Perhaps you can find a used older one (the EX rather than the EX II). It works seemlessly with your camera (and with all the EOS line) and is simple to use. It is also quite sophisticated for as your flash skills progress. The problem with going with a non-Canon flash is that it is unlikely to work seemlessly in automatic metering modes (except, perhaps, for the Sigma http://www.sigmaphoto.com/shop/ef530-dg-super-flash-sigma).
I would go for it. But you should use both the flash and camera in manual mode.
... you should use both the flash and camera in manual mode.

Not to start this war again here, but I think this is a user's-choice thing. I have been into this game for a long time and went the full circuit from totally manual 35mm to Digital auto to Digital manual and now I most commonly use semi-auto modes (Aperture or Shutter priority). The same goes for flash. Learn to use it on manual but then use it the way it gives you the best results for a given job. An ETTL flash like the 430 gives you more options than a strictly manual flash.

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