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    Okay, before I write anything else, I just want want to say that I realize this is a horrible picture. I'm not looking for any critiques on it, I just need some editing ideas. If you feel like telling me how bad of a picture it is, fine I guess, but you're just wasting your breath because I already know that.

    What I would really appreciate is editing ideas. My sister's baby shower was on Sunday and I was in charge of taking pictures. I don't have a special camera or anything - just a point and shoot Kodak. I had to use the flash because it was pretty gloomy outside and the pictures were completely blurry without any flash.

    But, as you can see, the paint on the walls gave off a very ugly glare with the flash on. The walls look like this in almost every picture. I would really like to try to tone the walls down or do something to make them less distracting. I figured I would post here on TPF because there are some very creative people on here.

    I have Photoshop, so if anyone can think of any ways to try to get rid of/tone down the walls, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!



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