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Nov 3, 2005
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Hi Everyone,
I have been thinking that I would like to try to put some vignetting (sp?) on some of my photographs. Can anyone give me some tips on how to do it in PS Elements?
I appreciate any help you have to offer!
BTW, I saw the thread on making a vignette in this section and figured out how to make it cut out with white, but I'm looking for something more subtle with black that looks more like this:

this is how i usually do them in PS, I presume it's going to be the same in elements...

create a new layer> select all> goto stroke and choose black colour and make it between 25-50 pixels (depending on the size of your image. Should be fairly chunk though) then click ok. Now go to filters and then to guissan (sp) blur and put the slider up until it fades the stroke to whatever you prefare (on full size images from the camera i usually put the slider up all the way to the right). click ok. If this vignette appears to be too strong you can lower the opacity of the layer until you happy.

Sure a few people have different ways of doing it but that's my personal favourite. I feel you have more control and can see what your going to get as you go along. rather than using the feather/cut and hope for the best

Hope i described it clear enough for you
There are so many ways. The most "authentic" way would be to duplicate your background layer, and use the burn tool and manually create it as you would in a darkroom. I do that often, and because it's on a duplicate layer, if it's too strong I can change the opacity, or even erase parts of it.

Another easy way is to use a levels adjustment layer, and darken the shadows and midtones. Then mask off the entire layer, and use the brush tool as you would the burn tool, painting on the vignette. This way you have a mask and can always edit the placement and strength, or you can re-edit the levels.

Yet another way is to make a new layer, fill it with 100% black, give it a mask, and mask it off, then follow the same steps from the previous method.

Another way is to make a new layer, select all, select/modify/border, (you'll have to experiment here to see what you like). The border will give you a feathered selection around the outside of your photo. Then just fill with black. Make your foreground color black, and hold alt and click backspace to fill. You can always run a gaussian blur on the layer to feather it more.
elsaspet said:
April, can elements run actions? If so, I have a good one...
You know, I'm not quite sure. How do you do an action?

Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'm going to play around with it and see what works best for me.
Elements 2.0 can't run actions...I don't know if they have added it to newer versions or not.

Here is another quick way to vignette. Use the circle marquee to make a circle or oval selection, just inside the border of your image. Inverse the selection. Feather the selection, then create a new gradient layer and choose circular gradient. Play with the settings and opacity to taste.
i like to do vignetting in PS CS2 raw convertor tool.... you can control the amount of vignetting as well as the midpoint to create a smaller or larger vignette.
I have Photoshop Elements 4.0 and the easiest way for me to do this is to use the oval or rectangular marquee and highlight the area you do not want to be faded. Then, right-click and select "Select Inverse." Change the foreground colour on your colour palette to the colour you would like to act as the vignette (I really like the black!) Then go to "Edit", "Fill Selection", and click "OK" to see what your default settings are. You can change these around on the "Fill Selection" screen. Hope this helps!

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