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    Hi guys,
    I'm not much of a photographer; all I own is a compact Canon Powershot A430. [Meaning I like taking pictures, but not having the most hi-tech camera doesn't bother me.] I've recently been looking into instant cameras, because I love the way the photos turn out, with the sort of faded fuzziness, and the lovely colours, not too bright. On doing some research I found I liked the look and reviews of the Polaroid P camera - I can find them everywhere on eBay, but the only problem is the film being too expensive [Polaroid 600], and being a student, I'm on a tight budget. I don't mind paying around £45-£50 for a camera, but I'd like the film to be a little better value than that, less than £1 a picture if it's possible to find that?
    I also looked into either getting the Fujifilm Instax 200 or the Instax mini, but looking at samples of photos I'm not sure they come out with the same charm I'm looking for [excuse my naivety; please correct me if I've misunderstood something about camera/film mechanics xD], though the film is a lot cheaper. Also the mini just looks too small, I'm not sure detail will come out very well.

    So, minus the waffle, my questions are-
    --> Which is the better camera; the Polaroid P, Fuji Instax 200 or Instax mini?
    --> Let's say I go for the Polaroid - is there any place to get a reasonable price [~£1 a picture or less] on the 600 film? [Yes, I have seen the Impossible Project, but in the long run £16 for 10 pictures is still a bit too pricey for me.] Or, a long shot, is there any other film but Polaroid 600 that will work in the Polaroid P?
    --> Or, can you recommend me any other instant cameras that give the sort of picture I'm looking for [I'm assuming here that the 'better' the camera, the clearer/sharper the picture and colour is going to be], that are within my price range, including film costs?
    --> And while we're on the topic of polaroids, has anyone here tried the new Polaroid 300? Any good?

    Any help is appreciated, many thanks :)

    Heh, to add to this long post - any ideas on black and white film, as well? Is it cheaper than colour film?


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