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Looking to learn... C&C?


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Aug 15, 2010
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Clarksville, TN
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Alright, very new to the photography thing and have learned a ton in the last month or so but I know there is still a LOT to learn to be able to hold my own in the photography world.

I shot some pictures today at a car show and would like to get some tips to make the final picture even better..

Here are a couple of shots that I thought turned out good, but what would it take to make them great/printable/sell-able/purchasable? Is the contrast/color too much?

I understand the surrounding cars isn't a good thing, but not much you can do at a show where they are on top of each other. Really trying to up the quality of the final shot and even a few suggestions on how to better the closeups... Color/focus/etc is kinda what I am asking but any suggestions are welcome.

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i like the first one because i do the same angle for alot of car shots. I hate the car in the 2nd pic. the 3rd pic the tire is cut off, which bothers me alot. im a newbie too so, thats all i can say right now ha ha
Yeah, should have noticed the tire being cut off in the third one. Could have improved the shot on that.

As for the second shot, not a huge fan of the car but loved the color and detail in the shot. *shrug*
Oh and the photos can be magnified by clicking on them for the detail.
I love shooting car shows but there are often more than one car in the shot. Here is a very quick edit, I often do this if I like the car and not the rest of the shot. Like I said it is a very quick and dirty edit using CS5 content aware feature. Nice shots and keep shooting.

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Yes, the cars next to the ones centered always bother me, but am I REALLY going to be able to convince the owner to pull it out of the show so I can take pictures? Well, I never tried... :lol:

Here are a few more that I snapped tonight of my pups..

and then one I took walking by some wood on the side of the road.
Well, Going to add another shot to this one. Went out and snapped this one today since I was bored.

Forgot I had the ISO set so high and the graininess was pretty bad.

I definitely like the first one the best. I think the key for me is to get an interesting perspective on whatever I'm taking a picture of, at least with things like this. The other ones are cool but in reality, if you don't have some sort of personal connection with it, a photo of just a car sitting there is just kind of ordinary looking.

Anyways, that's my two cents although I'm kind of new and learning as I go too. Nice pics.

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