Looking to Print a couple on Metal... help me pick... please!


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May 16, 2011
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Denver, CO
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Ok... SO, I have seen some metal floating prints in a few of the galleries my friends around town call their houses and I'd really like to get a couple done of some of my pieces - I just can't pick! Looking to print 2 or 3 of the following. C&C welcome - I'm ALWAYS learning.
1. $303232_10150437622121102_605976101_10722232_734776927_n.jpg
2. $310450_10150439116046102_605976101_10730379_1885125713_n.jpg
3. $311757_10150439116536102_605976101_10730387_66097195_n.jpg
4. $320298_10150434390826102_605976101_10706760_1456980129_n.jpg
5. $297146_10150439115271102_605976101_10730362_981296117_n.jpg
6. $400397_10150690370901102_605976101_11870961_1902058329_n.jpg
7. $395931_10150675815046102_605976101_11820684_1233610629_n.jpg
8. $404607_10150690383351102_605976101_11871098_1007012542_n.jpg
I personally would go with 4, 6, and 8.
That is easy.
1....take a small crop off the top, give it a levels adjustment. That one will look great on metal.
Click on the white with your eyedropper, looks like it may have some pink color cast. Needs a good sharpening as well.
That is easy.
looks like it may have some pink color cast.

You know I get that on A LOT of my photos... I'm actually starting to think that my ancient laptop is to blame - perhaps the colors are off when i'm editing? Thoughts? and thanks. :)
Well the sea looks pretty pink.
Until you get your monitor calibrated make sure you to use your color check eyedroppers.
The other shots look pretty close color wise...as close as I can tell.
If you're editing on an ancient laptop I recommend you have made and look at a regular print before you invest in a metal print.
I LOOOVEEEEEE 1, 6, and 7. They are some amazing shots!

If i could, I would take those 3 and literally blow them up to fit an entire wall each of a room in my house... is it just me or would that be legit?

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