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Dec 4, 2014
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Our Indian summer is bringing out all sorts of critters! These guys were on the same plant at the same time. Comments and critique are welcome.

btterfly for tpf.jpg
praying mantis for tpf.jpg
Not bad. My only comment is that the background seems too bright in the first one - maybe a bit overexposed as it tends to distract from the main subject - the butterfly. I might have also tried a different angle if possible (I know that butterflies can be skittish), to show both wings.

For the second one, don't you just love it when a piece of grass pops up just as you are taking the photo :biggrin-93:. I might have been tempted to crop out the flowers on the left and some of the miscellaneous vegetation on the top as they are a bit distracting.

Thank you for taking a look! I was so concerned with the butterfly itself I did overexpose the background. I will probably work on both a little bit more. I have another that has both wings but isn't quite as sharp. As far as the Mantis goes, I thought about a tighter crop but that kind of made the blades of grass even more prominent. :) It kind of feels a little "primordial" to me the way it is.

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