Louisville v. Rutgers (College Basketball)

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    Louisville Cardinals vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (College Basketball)

    These definately aren't pro quality sports shots but I wanted some feedback. A friend of mine had two tickets to this game so I decided to have a go with the camera. I had to zoom in all the way (63 mm -> 380 mm equivalent for 35 mm film camera) to capture anything on the court since I was so far away. Over half the shots were really blurry or had people obstructing the view but I got a handful of decent ones:

    Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY. February 2nd, 2008 (Last Saturday).

    Louisville Cardinal Mascott

    Could have been a good shot had it not been for someone's head in the way :p

    They floated this giant thing around the stadium during half time.


    Louisville fast break.

    Foul shots...

    The fans at the other end of the stadium.

    Yes this was a beating...

    Final Score: 87-50 Louisville

    Not such a great game or seating but it was a pretty good learning experience. This was my first time shooting sports and I completely underestimated the kind of shutter speed I would need. Next time I shoot sports I'll definitely turn up the ISO more and get the fastest shutter speed that I can. Better to get a grainy picture then a blurry one.

    Comments? Suggestions for next time I shoot sports :)


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