Macro Shots from This Weekend C&C


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Jan 14, 2009
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Took some macro shots this weekend, what do you think?


I like the colors in this one and the detail with all the bubbles. Not sure about the composition....


I think this one also turned out good, but I'm just wondering if I should crop it. Can someone help me crop this for an effective composition?
both look ok, i would crop a bit off the left of 2 personally
The composition sucks in both.

1. I don't see anything in this one. Boring subject (just a plain icicle, not one of those cool funky weird giant formations I sometimes take pictures of) and crap centered composition. It looks like one of those 1000s of shots that I discard. Almost every icicle looks just like that. Maybe its just because I'm a Canadian that's tired of the winter though :p

2. This is a decent shot. Crop out some of the left and top and I think it'll look fairly good.

P.S. Keep shooting and you'll improve. Don't take my criticism personally. I don't give beginners the easy treatment - I C&C everyone the same way. I myself haven't taken any shots that I'll be really proud of in the past few months. IMHO winter sucks for outdoor photography because its so drab.
I think some of us need to learn how to politely critique an image.

The first image is okay. The composition may be suspect, but I'm not sure how you could make it much better.

If you do crop the second one, I would actually do it from the right and top. I could show you my idea if you want (I didn't because it says we can't edit your photos).

In both, the focus is good as well as the exposure. Keep it up.
Don't take my criticism personally. I don't give beginners the easy treatment

I am so ****ing sick of this "mantra" here in this forum I'm about ready to rampage. Your idea of a critique sucks. Period. Not babying someone or telling them what they want to hear is NOT the same as "lemme be a Billy Badass dick in my post - that'll learn em some good!" If the BEST you could come up with is "Omg those photos SUCK", then you need to get off these forums. ASAP. If you're feeling depressed of melancholy because Canada sucks - thats your deal buddy; don't bring that nonsense to other folks.

To the OP - I dig the icicle shot. It is simple. And of course it looks like every other icicle (what should it look like, a freaking tandem bicycle?) - however the smooth lines and the cool (temperature wise. . .I mean. . .the WHITE BALANCE!) colors add to that chill.

As for #2 (heh. . .Number 2) - I would crop as well. . .but from the top, not the side. Get it surrounded in white. Excellent control on that depth of field.
Thank you, finally some constructive criticism....

Thanks KvnO & ANDS!

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