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Jun 24, 2013
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Peterborough, Ontario
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Hello everyone!

I have been interested in photography for almost nine years now. My first and current DSLR is the Digital Rebel XTi. I've bought several lenses for my camera, and I love them all! I'm sorry I'm unable to name them at this time. I have a hard time remembering details. (I can post about them more once I am home if you want. :3 )

How am I making a comeback? Well I stopped taking pictures about 3-4 years or so ago. A bit before that I stopped actually taking care of my camera and lenses. I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for a while, and then life totally got in the way and made my mental state much worse. An interesting memory though, I think around the same time I lost interest in my camera, was after I had lost my favorite 50mm lens. (It dropped and totally fell apart. SADFACE!)
My poor camera...I stopped putting the lens caps onto my lenses after use, and thusly lost some of them. The camera bag got destroyed about a year ago, and I haven't managed a replacement since. So the body and the lenses float around in a box somewhere, honestly not very protected. I also have a polarizing filter that I think is floating around without a case. ( I feel really guilty about this one. My brother's wife-to-be at the time had purchased it for me so that I could take pictures in the Dominican at their wedding. I did just that, but after the wedding was when everything went downhill and I stopped taking pictures! I feel like I wasted her gift. I also feel guilty that I wasn't there to take images of their children.)

Why am I posting in the beginners forum? Well to be honest, even though I have taken a photography class in high school, did co-op at a local studio, and also another beginner's course four years ago, I can't say that I really understand all of it. All the numbers and settings and details get jumbled in my head. Is a small aperture going to make my picture blurry? Or is it the other way around? I can't remember! I have a horrible memory and constantly second guess my own intelligence. So I hope that in the beginners forum I can find an easy way around my silly head! Also I am getting back on my feet and this also means that I want to get back into photography again! It's mainly a hobby, but an expensive one. Looking to refresh myself and learn about the new technologies on this forum! :)

As an extra tidbit, which I may find another section to talk about is: My main hope is to learn more about purchasing a new camera! I know the Canon XTi still works for me. (Not sure if it and my lenses needs cleaning though.) But the XTi is about 7-8 years old now, and seems rather outdated. (I was going to attempt to join a Photography course at Algonquin College last year, and they had told me that my camera was almost not appropriate for the course due to it's age.) I am looking into something more current, more smaller, that will work with my lenses. ((Currently reviewing the Canon Rebel SL1.))

Thanks for reading!!!

-- Ribbons
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