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Mar 3, 2012
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I have always enjoyed photography but all I have ever own are little point and shoot cameras as I have had a very limited budget. I want to enter the world of DSLR cameras and begin learning how to use one properly. I am just about to graduate from dental school and have a little experience with the Canon Rebel. We use them for intraoral photography of our patients, so I have some knowledge about how they function and can use them a little. My experience is limited to a macro lens (not sure which one) and a ring flash.

Outside of dental school, my sole experience is with point and shoot cameras...I currently have a Sony DSC-W230. It is fun to use...but I want something better. I don't have a specific photography interest. I just like to take all kinds of photos. Lately, landscapes and flowers have been my most common usage. I also enjoy going to museums and airports and photographing airplanes.

The Rebel I use at school is an little older model, it's a few years old but I don't know exactly what model it is. Since I am somewhat familiar with the Rebel, I was thinking that would be the model to purchase. Could someone give me some basic advice about picking out a camera and if this is a decent choice. I have been looking at them online and it seems to me that there are a couple of options. It appears that the T3i is the most updated model but I don't see a ton of difference between it and the T2i (other than HD video). My initial thought is to buy one of their kits with a basic lens. I could then add accessories as I needed to down the road. I see that they sell kits with either a 18-55mm lens or a 18-135mm lens. I figure the 18-135mm would be a little more versatile and probably a better bang for the buck. Down the road, I would probably want to get a macro lens and ring flash for dentistry as well. But initially I want to use the camera for fun, eventually I'll need it for work too.

I know there is a lot of thoughts and questions here. Any advice for someone who is wanting to leave the point and shoot world?
I mean if you are looking to get into a Rebel. I've got one that I'm not longer going to use, it's a few years old and would come with the original box, 18-55mm lens, 500mm manual focus lens, a canon backpack, two batteries, a book about the camera, the cables, and a charger. If this might something that would interest you let me know and we can try and work something out.

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