mamiya 645 pro tl, one film came back blank another with 8 exposed


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Nov 15, 2011
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Kent, UK
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Hi all,

Just wanted to run something by you. I have previously run 1x black and white film through my mamiya and it was fine. I have recently run through 2 colour films. They came back from the lab today. 1 roll was totally blank (numbers were present on the roll), the second had about 8 exposures, but they were not in a line, but scattered throughout the roll.

I am sure I did not move the dark slide around, am I missing something. I am thinking this has to be my error.


Any chance you may have put the first film in the cassette backwards? It's tough to do, but it can be done. It sounds to me though more like a metering issue; if you look closely at the film strip can you see any detail at all? Even the slightest shadow? Are you using a metering viewfinder or a hand-held meter?
Are you using a leaf-shutter lens?
Take some pictures, just dryfiring it. Check to see if you hear anything unusual, if you can see the curtain through the back see if it fires every time. You could have a sticky shutter.

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