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Dec 1, 2007
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Hi i am new to the Forum and this is my first question. I have purchased a great deal of photography equipment recently but some of the items have failed to come with manuals. I really do not spend any more money for now. Is their anyone out there who knows of a sight which i can download for free the manual for the nikon sb28 speedlight.
Nikon's USA website has most if not all the manuals for their equipment available online in PDF format. I do not know if they have it for the SB-28, but I did download the manuals for the SB-800 and my D200 from there.
You could try Google....

here's one

Here's Ken Rockwell's list of Nikon downloadable manuals

And where the link for the SB-28 on his site goes**&p_li=

There are about 3,000 more hits on the Google search if those don't work for you. You know you could have gotten results alot faster if you had gone there first.
So to the OP did you find your manuals???.

I would be disappoined if he did not. I search on the Nikon site for him, downloaded them and hosted them for him and posted the link here for him.
Just want to thank you for finding the manual for the sB28. This is a great forum with good people like your self. Thanks again.

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