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Jan 18, 2013
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Good morning/afternoon/evening, whichever applies. So I was trying to wait until my 1000th post to do this but just couldn't wait. I have been looking back through the photos I have posted on here and reflecting on how I can improve based on previous comments from others. For those that have given me, in particular, criticism, feedback, or just a comment I really want to send out my THANKS. The feedback on this forum has been frustrating but EXTREMELY helpful specifically in becoming more self-aware of my mistakes and errors within my photography. I am sure that with my early posts, which I am sure most don't remember, I frustrated some because I was very much a noob and being hard headed as many beginners are and not seeing the error of my ways so to speak. For instances I found at least three different photos where Lew, the_traveler, telling me that I would get more feedback if I allowed editing. Or pgriz trying to get me to realize that some photos desparately need a story. From bad crop to poor lighting to poor composition and while at first I was not open to harsh feedback I am now which has driven me and keep all these tips in mind for future reference. So in closing all this really is is a post about thanking all the members in the forum that actively participate in helping beginners such as myself grow and become better at what we all love to do.
As one person mentioned in your post, you're welcome. It also helps when a person is willing to consider changing their approach or even the perceived good practice. The best way to learn, is to fail (assuming, of course, we're not talking about things that can harm or kill you). What holds most of us back, is this fear of failure - we fear the (imagined) consequences of failure, and we often don't even try. And yet, "failure" allows us to venture from the safe ground into the (to us) unknown, and find out the boundaries there (if they exist). Once we find out about this new area, we switch metaphors, and now focus on understanding and mastering this new knowledge, and weaving it into what we already know. Yet at the base of it, is the willingness to expose oneself and to evaluate the feedback that is obtained. I've learned much on this forum, and I'm glad you think you've done so too.
It was a general 'thanks' for any posts to anyone, Robin, and I think you are most helpful. I didn't mean for anyone to think it was directed specifically to one or two people. The forum is for everyone and anyone can learn from others people's mistakes as well. So when I look at photos and you give feedback to someone else you are not just helping OP but I believe you are helping the community.
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