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Brent Rains

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Dec 3, 2020
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I am new here, and new to videography in general. I know basic terminology and settings, but am still very much a noob when it comes to things. I am looking to produce more professional looking videos for a youtube channel I recently started.

In short, I like use 1 camera (Canon t6i) for main shot with a kit lense, and a secondary "creative" shot on a Canon SL1 and a 1.8 lense.

I have been using different ISO's to get the different apertures to capture with a proper amount of saturation. This is obviously producing very different looking color and saturation in my shots. I use manual settings, Custom WB, and edit in Final Cut Pro X.

What is the best approach to getting these shots closer together? Use the same ISO and fix saturation after?

Any insight is appreciated. I will link to one of my videos for an example.

There are quite a few "grading tutorial" videos around on YouTube. You can search for "Final Cut matching" and then pick a couple. Mostly, the techniques are the same for most of the advanced programs. Beyond that, there is just "do it until you get something you like." The more practice you have, generally the faster you get.

Right now, I am using a three year old version of Pinnacle because I am stuck in a cycle of trying to clean up my computer, then replace the computer, then upgrade my software, and also, current computer, except I have to get stuff done, so I end up with more on my computer, and then I have to clean up my computer again, etc.

Here is one of the better vids, on the topic, by Gerald Undone, though it does not specifically use your program, the general technique is the same.

"How to Color Match Cameras & Grade Log Footage without a LUT",
Posted Apr 22, 2020 by "Gerald Undone", [Length 26:35]

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