Maternity Session today C&C welcome :)


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Aug 9, 2010
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This morning I did a maternity/family/couple session. I am pleased with how they came out considering this is only about the 5 or 6th time I have done a shoot (yes I am tooting my own horn ;) ). But as always I would love for those of you more experienced to give me your comments and suggestions:mrgreen:

If you want to make a comment about the guys hat or are wondering why he is wearing it, it is because he wanted to! And I want people to be as natural as they want to be :)




I like 3 the best. #2 looks funny with their heads cut off. I understand your direction but i dont think it came out the way you intended.
Wondering if 3 looks better like this?

This shot was accidental as I thought the little girl was being cute :)
If you're so fond of the girl's expression in 2, you might consider doing a vertical crop out of this one. Dad and Mom as headless persons look strange, disconcerting even. Try to convert this into a "big sister and 'bump'"-only pic (that means to also crop out the tiny part of mommy's breast showing at the top. I know, thus you'll end with a tiny, tiny crop... so no more postersize photo out of that one ...

And if I were the mother-to-be, I'd not be fond of any photo showing my striae...
I love 4.. Nothing like a daddy and his baby girl :)

I think the pic that you redid is much better..

Did you get any pictures of the little girl kissing the mommy's tummy?

I also would try to turn the #1 pic in a black and white..
I like #1, but imo the fingers should not be locked, its gives a more rigid feeling than a gentle one.
#2 is nice thought, Im not so worried about the cut off heads as I am with the parents arms just dangling there looking awkward. Moms left hand should be on daughters left shoulder and dads left hand should maybe be on placed on moms side, something like that.
#3 is good except for cutting him off on his backside.
#4 is nice, keep it.
All nice shots, just minor things to keep in mind and the clients would probably never notice.
A. Your watermark takes away from this picture, needs to be moved out of the way.
B. The color of your watermark takes away from all pictures.

1. I think if you extract the small portion of tree from her right side, you will find the photo will pop like you want it to.

2. What has been said already.

3. This angle shot did not work. She looks like she is not tilted, and he and the trees are. Secondly, I wish the angle shot fad would go away sometme soon, I hate neck breakers.

4. It's an ok shot.
eilla.. personally I would do something like this.

And if I were the mother-to-be, I'd not be fond of any photo showing my striae...

Some women actually embrace their natural body and that includes striae :). I asked her if she wanted me to photoshop them out and she does not. I understand that some people seek perfection in their photographs but there are some who do not :lol:
I wonder if I can talk a friend of mine into stuffing a pillow in their shirt and looking at it lovingly to practice maternity shots. :lmao:

Three and Four are def my favs, but I agree about the tree in one.

Two is nice, the girl is great, but I would work with the crops to see what you can come up with. :)

I had to use picnik due to being at work but I like it
They are all very nice.

Watch the overall framing of your shots though. #3 has cut off fingers and cut off back,

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