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Jul 30, 2010
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so my friend Zelia asked me to take some maternity pics for her next week. Her Husband is out to sea so it will be just her. She said she wants to do some outside, in a area w some shadows, like some woods. Any ideas or suggestions on here from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
Parks, botanical gardens , Zoos, Wildlife refuge, Beach under piers, and plenty others drive around one day and explore your area.
botanical gardens and under the pier are great ideas. thanks buddy!
One thing to watch if your under a tree or pier, etc., is to watch for stay sunlight that will leave undesirable spots of light on the subject. Early in the morning, or close to sunset would be great times to help fix that, and give you generally great light to work with.
i have a canon speedlite flash. and a reflector. thats about it.
Norfolk botanical garden if they'll let you. Seashore state park maybe. I would go to Sandbridge before going to the oceanfront, or maybe somewhere off of shore drive. Northwest River Park off of Indian Creek rd in Pungo/chesapeake area. Maybe Munden Point park or the fountain at Town Center. Any which way you should be shooting at sunset (or sunrise if you go to the beach) so being in the shade shouldn't be that big of an ordeal. The real question is will you be bringing any gear beyond a camera with you?
Since her hubby is in the navy you could always go to the Wisconsin Museum, start out at the oriental pagoda next to the ship then head over to the museum and get some shots in the ship. After that you could get some night shots with waterside in the background. Also, if you two could get on base at the Portsmouth hospital it is actually quite scenic by the water and you could again have night or blue hour shots with downtown norfolk in the background.
great idea. i love shooting down at waterside. its so beautiful. thanks.

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