Meagan and Brent


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Mar 20, 2005
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Well, new territory for me in the sense that I haven't tried making any images like this one. What do you think, improvements or not really useful?

I think whatever sort of diffuse glow you put on it a very bad looking, and due to that or a selection, there's quite a halo around the two of them. The whole image has a very soft/out of focus look to it. The dress is way too bright and the tux is way too black.

When shooting people kissing, the moment before the kiss, or just when their lips barely touch is far more romantic and much better looking than when their faces are mashed together. And why is his leg up? I think it kinfd of makes him looks like a stork, or more like a vulture with the way his neck is craning over his stooped shoulders. People with really bad posture are hard to make look good in photos. Especially when they are leaning over to kiss their bride. Any time you can get the bride up on something, like the uphill side of the ground, or on a step or curb or whatever, it can help that a lot. Keep at it!
sorry but im with the others on the glamour shot sears blur. sry.

and i echo benson....what is his leg doing up? rather odd. in fact his whole posture seems a bit stiff and uncomfortable.

i do, however, like the stormy look to this image. so many wedding images are in perfect weather, so it's a nice refreshing take to see it with rolling storm clouds looming overhead.
I would like to ask you WHY you want to use this effect? What it does to your image..? IMHO it just spoils it.. If you want to do something like this, I'd rather go with more HDR look. For softening edges I say NO :)

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