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Oct 23, 2011
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Toronto, Ontario
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Meanwhile in class... I began searching through my folders of photos that I took last year and came across these two.

I don't usually do this type of editing but I figured 'why not try it out?'.

1. Dundas Square, Toronto Ontario

2.DVP, Toronto Ontario (Took this in the passenger seat)


Also if you have any tips on this type of editing feel free to share.
Not for any technical reason; it conveys a feeling of happiness to watch that one; those sky scrapers look like Prayers of earth unto heaven.... a platinum prayer, a golden prayer; further the prayer is not distracted by any horizontal disturbances... the clouds give a required heaviness to the mood it conveys.... these are the things i can verbally state; others are there within me which i cannot translate to words ....
They are both a bit over done. I say this because you have halos occurring around the edges of the buildings where they meet the sky. This is from too much fill and contrast. Go easy on the processing. You can only push it so far.
Thanks for the comments, I totally agree with the Halos.

I've been looking into Topaz Adjust and HDR, but it's something I may get into in the future.

I agree with the first picture being too strong, I was editing this on another computer and surprisingly it wasn't so bad until I looked on my laptop lol.

I originally had another approach to the second picture with the same finish product, but I'm not sure where my external hd is.

Any tips on another way to approach this type of editing?

I only used one stock for these outcomes.
I used to do lots of stuff like this. I use Photoshop cs4 which has a really nice raw converter. I would lower the exposure to get certain details from the sky that I wanted then use the fill tool to lighten the foreground back up the adjust contrast and sharpening as needed after that. I also use photomatix sometimes but usually only for real hdr with more then one exposure being used. For faux hdr i would just use cs4.

here is an example that is somewhat close to what you have going here. Just try not to over do them.

Untitled by DiskoJoe, on Flickr
Ahh gotcha, I was doing a similar process to what you're describing but instead of using the Fill I would use a brush lol (don't judge me!!!) Awesome, can't wait to make some free time for myself to do some testing!


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