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Nov 13, 2008
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In between her...
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This looks like a quick snapshot. This is what my thoughts are in order of pertinance.
- the entire vehicle is not framed, vehicle is cut off vertically and horizontally
- huge orange cones
- out of focus
- very little detail showing the purpose of this vehicle
- an unexplained person is on top of it
Uhh that was sarcasm man. I am not really looking for any C&C on these. Here are some others. I wish I had the monopod w/ me! I don't know what those sooped up big wheeled SUVs are for but they were f'in awesome looking! I wonder if they'll be in the movie? At least we know Megatron's back! Oh and those porsche's are freakin BADASSES!!! You can see the camera mount above and a little bit of what's inside in one of the close up shots. I shot these with the 5D 70-200 2.8 II w/ about 2500-3000 ISO if I remember correctly.








OHHH CRAP!!! They're the f'in Decepticons!!!! I just noticed the stickers!
Ummm....not really sure. But like with some of the pix you can kindda count the parking spots. Plus another 200mm zoom LOL!!! PPetty far, cuz they ahd people standing there making sure we couldn't get close. Although the Porsche Cayenne drove tight at us like a few yards away. That time I switched to movie mode. My first time using it on the 5D today.
OMG! HOW wonderful.
so are those actors?
Is whats his face in this one too.
I will say though I really enjoyed the first Transformers but #2 was zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yeah they're all in it plus more. Except for megan fox.

Sorry for the fuzziness. They were making us move when I took these so walking while shooting.





Dude, nothing is coming through!!!!
I can't believe they hacked up a Cayenne for a filming car. Love the flat black though.

Nice pictures. I considered driving down there (from Philly), but decided against it.
I got a notification asking if I wanted to be in the movie...but I'm in Cleveland, so it would have been a 7:30 drive. I guess they wanted around 30 military personnel and they were hoping for actual military people to fill the ranks. Apparently all I would have had to do was drive down and show them my ID and I could have been a military extra in the movie (fairly good pay too)...but I found out about it like 2 days before filming and I didn't really want to go for a nice long drive.
Greasy: Yes, since Cayennes came out that's what they use for almost all action movies now days, that invlovles car chase or cars. If you own any action movies in the past few years, look at the extras you'll see a flat black (one of many) Cayenne with camera mounted on its top. Perhaps, Borne series or Batman series

Derek: glad you didn't come because that spot got filled up really fast. They put it out on FB and too many people showed up for it. They were paying $100 per day and $200 if the shoot went on for longer than 12 hours.

Lets see what happens today. I've got plans to be there. Hopefully I catch something. Seems like hit and miss for a 12 hour window from 6:30pm to 6:30am
But they also shoot during the day so not sure...

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