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Jun 2, 2013
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This was from a client shoot last April; the client was supposed to pick 5 images for me to edit, but hasn't been able to make up her mind, so this last week we agreed that she would let me pick out the best shots. This portrait really stood out to me. I edited it in much warmer tones than what I generally use.

Natural light
135mm @f/2
1/800th sec
ISO 250
Great job on the retouch.
Before/after retouch:

in the retouch, her skin is noticeably lighter. Which is closer to her actual skin tone?
That's the result of some subtle dodging, and in my opinion it looks perfectly accurate to her actual skin tone. The difference is quite subtle in my opinion, but I think the result suits the portrait.
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A nice, subtle edit. I like it.
Here's another from this shoot. I definitely took the editing a little further on this shot compared to the first one.
They are both great shots, and I you did a great job on editing! :)
Love these, Dan! :smile:
That second one especially is great.
As always Dan, you're an amazing inspiration for both your composition and your retouching skills.

If the pictures in the lot are all like that, I understand why she had an hard time picking. Great job =)

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