Milk Ink and acrylic paint

Whoa! Crazy jellyfish creations! Number 1 is :heart:.
The first I heard of using paint injected into water as a photographic effect was when it was used in the 1977 movie - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - to make what appeared to be clouds forming in the sky.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Trumbull achieved the dramatic cloud effects by filling a tank half full of salt water with lighter fresh water on top, then injecting paint into the top layer. The paint billowed through the fresh water but flattened out at the top of the heavier salt water, creating the effect we see on screen.
I tried this before and failed miserably. Nice job.
Whoa; those are extremely cool! I like the first two the best, particularly #2.

#1: Many years ago, there was a "kid's" movie called FernGully--anyone remember it? I watched it many, many times because my kids loved it (but truth be told, I think I liked it as much or more than they did). Anyway, the evil nemesis to Batty the Bat was Hexxus, and when Hexxus came billowing up from the logging looked like THIS photo.

So thanks, because now I really, really want to see FernGully again, and I bet I only had it on VHS. :D
I only have one thing to say or do.:thumbup: Ok maybe two,Friggin Awesome.

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