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Apr 21, 2021
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Good day, kindly assist me on the following:

1.Can one be able to use a DSLR lenses on a mirrorless camera?

2.Are DSLR lenses better than Mirrorless lenses?
I am invested in Nikon, so will only say what I know about their brand. The Z (mirrorless) lens mount is larger than the F (dslr) mount, which Nikon has used forever, so you can't put an F mount lens directly on a Z body, but there is an adapter called the FTZ or F mount To Z mount adapter. While you can put any F mount lens on the FTZ adapter then on a Z body, only the newer F mount lenses will autofocus and adjust the f stop automatically, in other words, be fully functional. To the best of my knowledge, if an F mount lens is AF-S, it will be fully functional on a Z camera.

As far as quality goes, you will not loose any Image Quality using the FTZ adapter as there is no lens in the adapter, it just moves the F mount lens a little further away from the sensor to properly size the image for the sensor. However, Nikon's Z mount lenses are considered superior in IQ and you will want to move to Z glass eventually to get the most out of the Z body. As far as performance goes, slower AF-S F mount glass like the 200-500mm f/5.6 auto focuses around the same speed whether on a dslr or mirrorless body. Newer AF-S lenses take about 2x as long to go from minimum distance to infinity using the FTZ adapter on a Z body compared to the AF speed on a dslr.

Hope this helps.
Good day, kindly assist me on the following:

1.Can one be able to use a DSLR lenses on a mirrorless camera?

Basically yes -- adapter required. However not the other way around. I use quite a few DSLR lenses on my mirrorless cameras.

2.Are DSLR lenses better than Mirrorless lenses?

Basically no. For the most part they're the same but there are some issues. Typically mirrorless lenses mount closer to the sensor as there is no need to provide clearance for the mirror to flop around. This can present opportunity to the lens designer for example: wide angle lenses for mirrorless cameras are likely to be better than DSLR alternatives. The need to move the wide angle lens forward on the camera to clear the mirror requires a design compromise for DSLR wide angle lenses. My mirrorless wide angle lenses are better than same angle of view DSLR wide angles.

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