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Jun 19, 2009
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In your dreams!
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Alright, I'm going to stop spamming the General Gallery w/ new drop threads. If you would like to follow my drops from here on I'm just going to keep posting them in this thread.
I finally started to get some of the lighting worked out the way I want it....yay!! :D I still want to work on getting a better reflection and use the gels that I have lost!! lol




Oh and.......YES that is a penis in the first one......:blushing:
Oh and.......YES that is a penis in the first one......:blushing:

And #2... But #3 is definitely my favorite.

Care to do a pull-back on your lighting setup? I'd like to give this a shot sometime. :)
Ooooooooo, me likes.

Yes, the lighting would help, but I'm curious on how you got the head on splashes.
What kind of timing device are you using?
Tyler here is a link to the stuff I'm using.
The Drip Kit
I'll post a picture of my setup when I figure out what works best...lol
The drop kit is fun. I'm not a very techie person, so I'm sure it took me a little longer to figure out all the settings than other people. The settings change every time you start. They even change while you are shooting.....lol The dropper is sensitive to how much water is in the container....=) I understand how the system all works together now and it's a lot of fun.
unpopular said:
And $500 later, you can take all the pictures of water droplets you'd ever want!

5 hunge? Yikes.
You could hack something together with a laser, photo diode, comparator and either an Arduino or a properly configured 555 monostable trigger for less than $50. Or just figure out what kind of drip mechanism they're using, and attach that to an MCU or 555 circuit.

The markup on these controllers must be huge.
Lol... You keep taking them and I'll keep enjoying them!
Yep. Using something like this


connect the air unlet to one of these

Valve, Solenoid, 1/8 In - Solenoid Air Control Valves - Valves - 6JJ52 : Grainger Industrial Supply

and control the valve open time with one of these


it might be useful to use one of these


to permit more reliable timing

Then just program a delay to trigger the camera/flash using another digital channel.
Cool. Thanks! I might try this poor mans approach to water drops.... My smoke days might be over...I ended up needing an inhaler for my lungs. This might be safer.

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