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Jan 2, 2009
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Hey guys i am new to the hobby, and i am having troubles getting the focus right while taking pics of some model trains. The lighting in the room is horrible! I am using a Canon Rebel XS. TIA.

The focus point seems to be the screw between the wheels, is that where you intended? The lighting has the yellow look of indoor lighting, but you can correct that in post production pretty easily if you are shooting in RAW and maybe even in JPEG if you have Photoshop. It really doesn't look bad, but I think you could get some better angles to better explain your subject matter. Post more if you've got em!
I was trying to get more of that area in focus than i did. As i said the lighting is horrible and it was giving me a lot of trouble. Here are a couple more pics.



Your lighting does not look that bad at all, at least you're exposing your shots properly. If anything, you can mess with your on-camera white balance to compensate for the yellow tint (which I now realize that is a gold train right?). If you are trying to get more of the shot in focus, increase your aperture and slow your shutter speed. This will increase your depth of field and should achieve what you're going for. Note that as you increase your f-stop more, your shutter speed has to get slower to get the exposure right. This just means you'll want a tripod or something to stabilize your camera to avoid motion blur. Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing your next results.
Thnx for your input. Yes the train is a brass train. I hopefully will try again tomorrow.
Are you working off a tripod? For this kind of work you should and allways run at a small aperture ( F16 or F22 ) and longer shutter speed. That way you'll get better depth of field.

Of course I'd use a Large Format Camera as I could guarantee getting it tack sharp regardless of the aperture but you ought to be able to get it good enough with a tripod and small aperture.
For some of the photos i was working off of a tripod. Again thnx for the advise.
Can't tell but are they N Scale? Trains are my other vice. Nice pictures
They are actually S scale. It is my dad's layout, he's been into trains for years. He just moved into a new house so he is rebuilding his old layout.

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