Modified Polaroid 110A


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Apr 9, 2009
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Just joined the forum, and am in the process of getting back into the large format game. Ive been shooting digital, but have had the itch to go back to film for some time.

Ill be putting an old project of mine back to work. This is a camera I modified and built when I was in college, taking photo classes. I have always been an avid backpacker as well, so stripping it down to save weight and spare was a requirement.

This is my modified Polaroid 110A land camera. I stripped it down, removing the covers and view finders, and grafted a 4x5 back with hood onto it. Notice the aluminum braces, and hand made copper rivets. The tripod mount is anodized aluminum. All modifications were done in one of my jewelry classes:mrgreen: It is very light, and packs well.

Focusing is a bit tricky, as the original setup had a very narrow focal length range. The original hardware was removed to increase the focal length range and focus is done by hand, sliding the lens in the track.

It performs great, and I look forward to putting it back into service. :thumbup:






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