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Sep 15, 2010
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Ok so Kait and her son Tristan came over to my place this afternoon so i could take some photographs of them both togeather as she does not have many.....

I have not actually done photo's like this before and wow is it ever tough trying to get mom and baby both looking at the Camera at the same time...Out of all the pictures i took she liked 22 of them but i am not going to post them all here lol.

So i picked three. Now i realise that these are not superb photo's but i would just like peoples feed back. I wanted to take these photos around one of my fall displays out the front of my home. Just because well one the colours and two its fall...:D Do you think that the photo's look too busy in the background? Should i have kept this more simple>?
Also the Lighting i really seem to be having a problem with this. I guess i could of gone the easy route and used the Portrait setting but that would have been too easy right?

Anyway i really would appreciate your comments on these poto's.

Thank you so much.



Ehh, oof on almost all of them, that or blurry, and body parts cut off in every one. :/
none of these are sharp, in fact they are horribly blurry... the hair is in her face, her bra strap and boobies are popping out of the shirt in every picture, and the skintones due to poor white balance are horrid.

on the positive side, good job with getting creative with the pumpkins and leaves. increase your shutter speed to get a sharper image next time. And watch for the way a woman is posed, her chest is completely distracting in what was supposed to be a cute shot with her son. The color tone can be corrected in post processing to an extent, but things like blurriness and unflattering poses cannot. Keep practicing!
Ehh, oof on almost all of them, that or blurry, and body parts cut off in every one. :/

In 1# and 2# you should have chosen a different background. There's to much information that we don't need at all. If you have another chance try to take some photos against those "mosaics"? (I don't know out their called in English :confused:)
3# It as potential, if the child wasn't blurry.
4# I think that the square composition doesn't help, his foot was cut..

Keep trying and chowing! I'm new here and I hope to learn as well :D
Aside from what's already been mentioned, I think the two differen planes for the faces (mom's face so far above son's, etc) is not as visually appealing as if they were closer to the same plane and filling the frame more.
I don't think of halter tops (or tank tops) when I think of fall/harvest/Halloween time. That's just my opinion.
Blown highlights are distracting as well. Find a better time of day for your outdoor shoot- add some fill flash.

lol bra straps and boobies oh mai!

lots of wonderful advice and critique in this thread. can't offer any more, but i would like to mention that mustlovedragons advice is fantastic, and something that i need to keep in mind when shooting parent and child. :thumbup:

keep shootin!
OHHH BOY!!!:er:

Honestly the boobs and bra strap never even thought about......and honestly can't say even when we were looking at them on the computer never really was 31 0C Yesterday a little warm for sweater's but i understand what you are saying.:thumbup:

Cooling off for the weekend so maybe i will ask her if she would like too try again but this time wearing more appropriate fall clothing?

My Neighbor has asked me if i would take some of his two children. brother & sister nine & Eleven. I don't even know where too start...I was thinking of taking them down to the water fall but seriosuly when it comes to photo's and children :er:

Thanx so much again for all the feed back everyone i truly appreciate it.

Try a local park for your neighbors, it's fun and it really allows kids to open up and have fun while they're doing something that's generally boring.

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