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Nov 16, 2013
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Hello people!

I have an ancient monitor so I'm starting to get ideas on what to buy next for my photography hobby. I want something large enough and of decent quality. I use a PC if that matters. I want something I can calibrate so my images can be as close as possible to the true output of my processed work.

Budget? Not sure ....but I guess I would say the "best bang for the buck". :)

You really wouldn't believe what a complex topic this is. As an obsessive nerd I'm strongly compelled to provide complete explanations for others to make informed choices, but in the case of understanding monitor technology best suited for photographic work you would be driven quite mad.

Eizo are regarded as producing the finest monitors for photographic professionals, after them probably NEC, but their relevant models come with eye-watering price tags, too expensive for anyone who won't make the money back from the investment. I think the best monitor at an affordable price (and therefore the one I bought) is the Asus PA279Q. It still isn't cheap but the quality in every regard is about as good as it gets without selling a kidney, and it's certainly not excessive compared with the cameras and lenses a purchaser is likely to own.
Oh my...perhaps I should have mentioned a budget. Under $200 I was thinking. I need to research this more apparently because I'm not sure what questions to even ask. I just want a monitor that can project my images as true as possible. Like, what brands are best at that for instance. My processed work means to upload online, not printed work. Should have been more clear, sorry. lol
I think people tend to forget that photographers have been using monitors to edit their photos long before the 36" super back-lit LED IPS monitors were even a concept, so some will recommend only the latest and greatest...in the same way they say you HAVE to have VR, nano-coating, and ISO 128,000.

me and the wife both use IPS monitors.
she has a 24" ASUS, and I have a 28" BENQ.
both were less than $300 at Tiger Direct, and we have been pleased with both.
a better investment, if you have a decent monitor now, would be a monitor calibrator.
we use a Colormunki Display. you can pick one up for well under $200.
What type of monitor cable would be ideal for the IPS type monitor? HDMI, VGA, DVI?

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