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Apr 7, 2005
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rapid city south dakota
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hey all been quite busy lately, found some time to finally shoot some film.. kinda had to for a project in school! so here they are... it;s me! 3200 iso, inside, used a shirt fo rhte background and a light across the hall in the basement:D.
any critique is welcome!




2 ?¿little too dark¿?

thanks again!
I don't know how good my screen is... but i can't really see much. I see part of a face on the first and maybe a nose on the second. I think they may be a little too dark... unless that is what you are going for!
I'm afraid that yes, 2 is too dark.
1 is good ... the story of how it came about is very interesting.
3200 iso ... wow. I have never even SEEN such film anywhere here...!
yeha i was going for the darkness. i have noticed that it gives a dfiffernt feel to the foto. i tried my best to fix the pictures after scanning.... but the originals out of the darkroom look much better! thanks for the replys!
I have a roll of that sitting on my table waiting for the right opportunity to use it. :D
No 1 is a neat effect...very mysterious.
No 2 is just too dark...don't see any detail on my monitor.
thanks fro the replys jon! did another shot tonite of my girlfriend, but these are going to be high key instead of the low. can;t wait to develope them!
thanks again everyone!
They look really dark! Can't hardly see anything.
"It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black"

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